Organic pig farming

Some farmers decide to go organic with their pigs. The principle behind organic farming is that animals should live and be raised in a natural environment. Pigs raised according to organic methods have more freedom of movement and space in the pig houses, are housed on straw and also have outdoor access. They are fed organically produced feed. The market share of pigs raised organically is 1.6%. This share is gradually growing. More and more supermarkets are starting to offer organic pork in the meat department.
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 breeds or special types of feed. All new initiatives that help form the future of the pig husbandry sector.

Pork with an environmental quality mark
An environmental quality mark (Milieukeur) can also be granted to pork. This well-known quality label for environmentally sound products and services has been gladly welcomed by an enthusiastic group of pig farmers and butchers. Within the regulations of this ecolabelling system, this group goes a step further than the already stringent production demands placed on today's pig husbandry sector.

The animals that qualify for this label have more space to move, the pig houses are energy efficient and measures are taken to limit ammonia production. For a good example of a group of farmers who produce pork with this environmental seal of approval, visit

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